Anxiety & Me

Living with anxiety and depression is pretty hard going, for years I didn’t even know I had it, it was normal for me as that’s how I thought everyone felt.

After years of different therapies, courses and controlled breathing exercises I am able to manage it quite well on most days. However when my period is due, I suffer exhaustion and dizzy spells which seems to heighten my anxiety symptoms…. This is where I get completely overwhelmed, I struggle to function, I feel angry, frustrated and even a straight forward tasks seems like running a 10k marathon. That’s where I am today. January and February are not great months for me, if I could hide at home in pjs, pottering around on my own until March that would be my perfect scenario … however, I have a baby, a 9 year old, a very supportive albeit incredibly clumsy husband, an online shop and house to run! I’m not sure how I do this at times, but I do. Everything I am learning about mental health I’m passing on to my children, so they are able to deal with lives fruitful, very colourful adventures and lessons.. I tend to feel emotions at such a force that my body hurts at times,  on a positive note though, this has made me an incredibly compassionate person, arguably too compassionate at times which I struggle with the fact not everyone has the same connection as me.


I’m not sure where I’m going with this post I just felt a very strong urge to write it. I’m sat in my bed after a bad anxiety day, in silence (apart from someone’s house alarm going off) with a candle burning, still wrestling with the racing heart and pain in my stomach……

I’m so glad mental health is being recognised, people are speaking up and for people who don’t suffer it can be incredibly difficult to comprehend especially as half the time we struggle to make sense of it ourselves. So moving forward, I’ll write about it from time to time, the good and the bad, the responsibility that comes to you because of the awareness….

I hope some of you can relate to this, perhaps find comfort in it and I’d love to hear from you with any bad anxiety day hacks you do that help!

I’ll sign off now, as I intend on losing  myself in my book,  so until next time….


S x

Let me know your thoughts?