Carry on Camping


It’s bank holiday weekend and we arrived at Sumners Pond, Barns Green. We are blessed with dry, yet very windy weather.  To prevent a divorce, our tent being blown down the field again and muttered words through gritted teeth , we (I) decide to take our little son for a walk as we are not quite feeling the same enthusiasm as him just yet……

We pick up forgotten essentials from the little shop and jumped on the boat trailer which costs £2.50 from reception. They towed us around the site by a tractor driven by a really friendly chap. He took us, of course on the bumpiest of routes and we waved at the chickens, cow’s, the bull and fellow campers whilst inhaling the smell of BBQ heaven. Not for the faint hearted and I did get lots of dust stuck to my lip gloss, country chic right?  By the time I tried to elegantly step off our little boat carriage I felt the emotional baggage had been left way back in the dirt track, I was ready to embrace more rope wrestling and go give hubby a kiss on the cheek.  We can learn a lot from our kids at times.


Whenever I am away I love to pick up a local paper, just to get a feel for the place. We ventured down to the Cafe by the lake to have a little read. The place was truly beautiful, developed tastefully yet not ruined. I was pretty much overwhelmed by the beauty, you had no idea was there when you drove through the entrance. There was a lovely buzz with families playing outdoors games (only a few ipads in sight) people dotted around the lakes fishing, couples and friends enjoying being away from the city. Even though it was bank holiday they hadn’t compacted us in, just perfect.


The cafe inside, had a great selection of mismatch tables and chairs, a huge bookshelf of books! and also games, colouring books and books for kiddiewinks so I could have a decent coffee somewhere relaxing, inspiring and flip through the west county times. Amen.


They had live  music that night playing by the lake, I heard from our camp neighbours the setting was pretty special. Candles, twinkly lights and atmosphere of fellow campers mirrored this. We didn’t managed to make it down as our boy hit the sack, but sang along blissfully to “Sweet home Alabama” under a blanket with a plastic glass of wine in our thermals.


Cafe by the lake


On our last day, we didn’t want to waste the brightest, hottest sunshine, so we hung up the gas stove and decided to head back down to the lake and treat ourselves to lunch


Lunch is served – We enjoyed


Let me know your thoughts?