Duvet Day

So after a pretty exhausting week, I decide I am in much need of a good helping of self care.My husband came home late yesterday after being on business, my son really struggles when he is away so I booked them tickets to the ‘cheap seat’ cinema as a surprise, so they could go off and have some proper boy time.

I spent most of my morning just sleeping, reading inspirational blogs and thinking of my summer holiday that we have booked.


I feel, everything  seems to be doom and gloom at the moment, even social media sites are filled with pictures of the devastation caused by this treacherous weather we have been having.  The only thing to do is embrace it, be thankful that it hasn’t effected us and make the most of it. I had a really good day, a long bath and a face pack, lots of time reading a great book whilst holding my little boys hand and I guess without realising teaching him to have down time.  So I’ll go back to flick through the pictures of the beach I’ll be building more memories this August and if I try hard enough I can just about taste my favourite cocktail.



What do you do when you have a duvet day? Would love to know….

Let me know your thoughts?