January Colds

So it is day three on the sofa, I’m feeling pretty rubbish with a cold. I am starting to question the fact that it may actually be effecting my mental health. If I mention the words “I think I’m coming down with something” I notice my husband frantically looks through his work diary. I can only assume he is trying to find clients to visit that are are in Cornwall which would result in him staying as far away as possible. This is probably due to the fact I get , grumpy and dare I say pretty unreasonable when ill.

I admit, I feel frustrated at the fact I can’t do anything, I like to feel useful by contributing to the daily chores and not great at asking for help. So the first day I found myself moaning at the TV, that I don’t normally have the time to watch and probably the good old fashion guilt was creeping in somewhere too? …. guilt for what? for being ill??? exactly what I have retrained myself over the last day not to feel.

So after the school run this morning, I felt glad I managed not to scare too many kids at the school gates (as I am slightly resembling an extra from Sean of the dead) I get into my softest pj’s. I have a hot cuppa, take my vitamins and sit and watch (cry) at people possibly going to move to Australia to change their lives.  I have embraced that I am ill, I no longer want to know, where I got it, why I got it and how I could have prevented it.

So as I sit here and actually get way to over excited at Micheal Bolton’s “How can we be lovers if we can’t be friends” on Loose Women and wonder what my husband will say when I download it to my ipod. I realise I have had lots of time to reflect, breathe, catch up on emails in the comfort of my warm home oh and had a crazy mid wife crisis swoon over Jeff Brazier from This morning. Something that I never get the opportunity to do. Or perhaps admit that I’d like to do on the odd occasion.

So if you are feeling poorly and struggle to just be sick like me, I hope I have inspired you a little, a good tip would be have tons of chicken noodle soup (check my recipe out here) kick back and what will be will be……. aaaarrrrrrrchhhhooo

chicken noodle soup

Let me know your thoughts?