My Top 10 Beauty and Well Being Buys


During this pregnancy, I’ve felt pretty terrible for most of it and had little control over my taste buds, body shape and energy levels. So I felt the only thing I can do is spend time on making myself feel as good as I possibly can and looking after my body in other ways.

Here are my top products I have been using and vow never to be without now. I’ve received lots of compliments on how great I have looked the last 9 months, it could be a touch of the pregnancy glow, although considering how bad I felt I’m not convinced of that. I think the fact I have made time for myself using these products, broken bad habits of sitting in front of the TV with wine on the go and drinking lots of hot water with a wedge of lemon and a splash of honey. I’m not going to lie I found that extremely difficult especially in the early days, however going forward I’m absolutely going to continue using these products that my body is obviously benefiting from. Here is my top 10…..


Best face oil I’ve ever used. I put on just before bed so it can soak in over night…. at the moment its only £2.80 so stock up! Buy here


Repairing shine hair oil – you’ll only need a tiny pea sized amount combed through your wet hair after washing. I buy this from Primark for under £3 and it lasts ages!


The perfect red… Chanel No 8 Pirate. My most favourite nail colour, not too pink, not too orange.. the perfect red.. no more words needed.


Every night I’ll use a little spray of this pillow mist, with the help of its subtle lavender and camomile scents I believe this helps me drift off into lovely dreamy sleep only £3.25 at the mo… Buy here


The Clinique sonic system brush- I was lucky enough to find this under my Christmas tree.  I only use it twice a week (you can use every day) and always before a face mask, it really makes me feel clean and fresh. Worth investing in for sure. Buy here


A new discovery for me, daytime Tv can be useful at times ;)… Sweet almond oil is perfect for nails. I keep it next to my bed and  rub into my cuticles and hands every night before I go to sleep… hubby has been pinching it too! a real good buy at £1.69 and will last forever! Buy here


Perfect for foot rubs and a good massage, smells amazing …buy here


I discovered these cleansing and toning beauties in a duty free store one summer and have been hooked ever since. They leave my face fresh and not stretched or tight that some others I have used did. I buy online in different places but just received this set this morning from John Lewis for £23… ah may zing! buy here


This has been a very good friend to me throughout my pregnancy for achy backs or headaches. It’s all natural, containing Aloe Vera and can be bought through my lovely Forever living Rep Jolene…  buy here


And for lips, I put this on every night before I go to sleep, nothing in my opinion beats this… Reduced to £1.79 in Superdrug at the moment … buy here

I hope this inspires you to make some time for yourself, look after your body, light a candle and fire up your favourite playlist on spotify!…Enjoy


Let me know your thoughts?