Suitcase Hero Pieces

So you are heading to somewhere hot this summer?, way hey! I’d love to share a few tips with you that from my travels I have picked up along the way!

I used to always pack lots of stappy heels in every colour which not only did I start to wobble on the Spanish cobbly streets after a local serving of G n T ,it actually took up so much of my suitcase space.  Also bags, bags and bags! which just didn’t leave any room to squash in the delights I normally pick up at the local markets on my return.

So with all this in mind I’m in the middle of prepping my next upload and of course there is only one thing on my mind and the focus is holidays!

boho summer

Check out these boho beaded clutches, they are brand new and they will go with EVERY outfit. Whether its a little dress or denim shorts and a white vest, just team with one of these and you are ready to go! The toe post sandals are perfect for those who like me live in flats, however fancy a little sparkle on their holidays in the evening… effort without making any… you get me?

Oh and one more tip! add this to your summer play list (I have the slow and fast version) it will defiantly get you in the mood ….

Alexandra Stan – Lemonade

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