Transition of Seasons

So as I curl up under my fluffy blanket with a fresh mint tea, I start to realise we are entering the transition of seasons. I’m not completely ready or doubt I’ll ever be ready to say goodbye to the summer and I am hoping that the forecast for next week is right, so I can stock up on a little more vitamin D.

Behind the scenes I am starting to stock up on items that will be great to equip us for this adjustment or transition of seasons, that can prove to be difficult when deciding what to wear.  Us Brits should be ace at preparing for changeable and unpredictable weather yet I’m often engaging in conversations that always start in the same way…. ” I never know what to wear in this weather”.

After a little research and thought I have come up with, that layers are key! Add one take one off! I have cherry picked a few pictures of what I’m hoping to achieve in the forthcoming weeks and also inspiration for when I’m hunting for stock for you guys!!

image image image image image image image image

So have a look, which ones float your boat?  Get involved!  ………

Let me know your thoughts?