Viva Tropic – Alcudia

I have just returned from our summer trip to Alcudia, Majorca we booked this year through Thomas cook. I have visited the area many times as a child, although since my Dad past away I never thought I was able to return. However this year I had a strong urge to make more memories in this beautiful resort with my little family.

We stayed in the Viva Tropic Hotel, which is in a fantastic location minutes from the beach and the port. Also a stones throw from the beach are the cobbled streets that have fantastic authentic bars and eateries that literally serve fish that have just flipped out of the sea into the pan.  Also a great opportunity to enjoy a cafe con leche. The resort is large, the beach being around 10 miles long and is worth an explore, which we did on bike, it was nice to cycle around the lagoons and canals.  I would say the other end to which we stayed is known as “Blackpool” for obvious reasons and it is a lot busier.


When we arrive in the hotel my little lad said to me “Mum this is truly the most beautiful place on earth” and to be honest walking around the hotel grounds with him (whilst hubby checked in) we both had our mouths and eyes wide open. I could feel little palpitations in my chest, I was so over excited I had to rummage through my hand luggage to find a Rennie as I had given myself a touch of indigestion.

viva tropic s

After lots of deliberation we opted for self catering and this actually really worked for us. Firstly we couldn’t justify the extra money they wanted for all-inclusive and secondly we wanted the freedom to leave the hotel, eat when we choose and quite honestly when on an all inclusive I tend to completely over indulge. Although I would say the buffet did have a show cooking facility, looked very good and we heard great feedback when chatting to other guests. We did eat out a few times, however after a terrible case of the sickness bug that of all three of us suffered, we were literally fighting for the bathroom (you get the picture) we then decided to mostly eat at the hotel. We learned we didn’t have to go to the buffet and we could eat A la Carte at a really reasonable price, with a bottle of wine by candle light watching our son perform in that nights show, could this get any better I hear you say? Well yes it does!!! Some nights the hotel would host a pjammer party or some form of entertainment for the kids so the parents could enjoy some really good entertainment. So, for my husband and I this was now starting to feel like a proper holiday, less IBS flare ups due to not wrestling with a fork and trying to persuade H to sit longer than a minute and a half at the dinner table…hang on pass me another sangria Fransico!

ala carte

The kids clubs were great, Hugo really enjoyed them, we always gave him the option to which ones he wanted to participate in. Hugo spoke a lot about his time in the clubs especially about Freda and Terese. They were fantastic with him and all the children, true professionals who worked very hard, however seemed to generally really enjoy their job.


As you are aware I’m a huge fan of swimming, this hotel was just perfect for this, the children’s pool had a pirate ship with slides next to the play area, my sons response? “everything is awesome!” … yes he loves the lego movie.

pirate boat

The two main pools for swimming and all the water aerobics, which whilst on the subject I am still cringing at my Barbra Windsor moment in the middle of a fling and stretch move to the music of “I’m sexy and I know it”  …….. anyway, the final and probably my special part of the hotel for me was the relaxation area. Adults only (yes!) super super comfy double four poster sunbeds (yes! yes!) hydro jets (goodbye stiff neck) and well…… just quiet! YES YES YES, am I starting to sound like I’m in a shampoo advert shouting all these Yes’s? .. I did find myself waking early creeping out of my hotel room leaving my boys snoring just to enjoy a lovely swim, a moment of calm and a fantastic way to start my day.

  Some mornings there may have been one other person in the pool, however most mornings I was completely alone swimming, I would look at the sun, the beautiful gardens, use the hydro jets then lay back on the beds star fishing with a huge smile on my face.  I grab my towel head back to the hotels shop, buy warm fresh pastries and go wake up my favourite two boys.


The spa was fantastic I had a couple of treatments,  very good prices and really professional. I would recommend the Full body scrub – Majorca’s own (it is a FULL body scrub by the way) also the back head and shoulder massage was a lovely way to end my treatment. Gloria who was the lady that looked after me, certainly had magic hands.


We all have voted this our best holiday ever, it ticked everyone of our boxes and although the pictures on line looked fantastic, in real life the place in our opinion was even better. There was a complete balance of family time, couple time and we watched Hugo’s confidence rocket, his enthusiasm was infectious not only to us but people around us. He ordered his own food in Spanish (remember he is only 5) hung out with Swedish and Spanish kids, performed live shows, made cocktails and fruit kebabs and since being home hasn’t stopped painting and writing about his time there!


So back at home I look at the grey sky out of my window and the rows of houses opposite, I decide to call a team Prior meeting. We begin researching for next years holiday. I will say we tend not often to return to the same places, however to be totally honest, we are not sure how we would find a resort or hotel that could offer all of the above.  We would however upgrade our room to have one with a private garden as we spent more time in the hotel complex and studio than we ever imagined.  So lets ask Hugo where he wants to go next year??????

No brainer! ……. Viva Tropic! 

viva viva

Let me know your thoughts?